Wilobst Pioneers Ltd (or WPL, WiPi) is a Riesel-based company owned and run by Sgakahav Wilobst. It doubles as an arms trade company and mercenary guild.


Large or small, WPL orders and distributes nearly any weapon under the stars, excluding weapons of mass destruction (although certain guns they carry might as well be such). Clients range from individuals looking to grow their personal arsenal, to small governments and rebel groups, law enforcement and sport-shooting leagues.


WPL hires out its mercenaries to anyone with a pretty penny, but occasionally gives discounts to a scant few people who Sig happens to like. The mercenaries under his employ are top-notch, consisting of professionals from all across the galaxy.


The company is known primarily on Riesel and the surrounding area, including economic titans such as Kray Kenavace and Strinnethal. To a lesser extent, its name is also in the mouths of people as far off as Earth and Zivilgial.

Notable members