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Ramy Dusotes
Biographical information
  • Original: Ahjri
  • Surrogate: Audonika

May 7, 8174

Physical description






  • 250 lbs
  • Muscular
  • Pudgy
Hair color


  • Chestnut
  • Camel brown
Eye color


Skin color


  • Raw umber
  • Tan
Chronological and political information
Appeared in

RTTH: First


Ramigana "Ramy" Dusotes is a female Lonkapi bounty hunter from Riesel.


Ramy is Runge Margavo's platonic partner in business. Little is known about her past, aside from the fact that her family moved away from Ahjri when she was five years old and took residence in the nation of Nassasuro on planet Audonika.

She is a professional hacker and effective gunslinger, and possesses piloting skills that rival those of her coworker.


Ramy is much more composed than Runge, acting almost as his antithesis. On average, she is mildly talkative and has a pleasant disposition. On the other end of the spectrum, she can be very sarcastic and demeaning when she feels the situation calls for it. It is not uncommon for her to tease Runge for his fears and weaknesses.

Despite Riesel being a source of steady work and income, Ramy holds a considerable amount of disdain for the inhabitants of Riesel and the planet itself, with a few exceptions — Sgakahav “Sig” Wilobst being one. She considers the world to be a cesspool of debauchery and all other forms of depravity, and has high hopes of moving to a place of greater reputation. Runge's apparent love for the place sickens her.

She enjoys softer music, including instrumentals and light club tracks. She finds Runge's tastes in harder music to be repugnant.

Your music could double as a sleep aid. It's like the audible equivalent of tending a garden. There aren't any bees to pollinate the flowers, because the bees represent the sick bass drops that aren't there.


Ramy is fond of spicy food, though some spices bother her stomach. As with Runge, she also enjoys dessert foods like ice cream, especially when flavored with beskedar (the Ahjric equivalent of chocolate, but with a slight tartness). Muobimo comes in at a close second, and she is known to sneak a few bites of Runge's stash, especially when he hasn't been paying much attention to it due to his gaming habits.

Another major difference between her and Runge is that she is celibate, though this is less for morals and more for personal safety against the predators that commonly inhabit Riesel and the diseases that commonly reside in them.


She is proficient in hand-to-hand fighting and prefers quick, directed strikes to take down her opponents. Her large, muscular legs afford her agility that is surprisingly swift for her high weight, and she can avoid strikes that would land on most other fighters. Strikes that do manage to land are mitigated by her bulky figure, and she can withstand more damage than Runge. She is strong enough to lift him over her head and throw him if necessary.

While she is considered very strong for a female of her species, she finds brute force to be unnecessary; graceless at best, and suicidal at worst. The latter assumption is a result of how a significant number of species she and Runge have come across are naturally larger than them, or hyped-up on drugs. She is also leery of cyborgs due to their enhanced strength and ability to hide additional weaponry in their mechanical components.


Ramy is of the Lonkapi species, which have been likened to bipedal wolves according to the opinions of Humans. She is covered with a medium-length coat of tan and light-brown fur and stands at 5'11". Her eyes are green, and she has long, naturally two-tone hair on her head that is a darker shade of brown than her fur (chestnut) with streaks of lighter brown (camel).

In terms of dress and cosmetics, she doesn't bother with looking particularly feminine due to Riesel's reputation for harboring sexual predators. The knowledge that males in general overlook her does not bother her — relationships are not on her priority list. The men who do pay her attention are turned away.

Due to her occupation, she is quite muscular — this adds bulk and weight to her already heavyset, pear-shaped figure, and puts her at a surprising 250 pounds. While she does display frustration when people deride her size, she does not possess self-esteem issues and actually strives to retain her extra weight for the sake of intimidation, physical leverage, and preventing starvation should access to food become problematic. That she falls well short of her partner's shallow expectations for a desirable body gives her a particular sense of joy.