The Lxlikelk (LIX-lih-kelk) are a silicon-based species native to Dehijae.


The average Lxlikelk appears to be a tall vase (around three to four feet in height) made of translucent woven glass, with five spindly, spider-like legs protruding from below.


They speak in chime- and bell-like noises.

Notable Lxlikelks

Dhlvask'b'baxlaj'ch (DOOL-vask-bih-KASH-kuh-ladge-cha), known simply as "Vask" to his friends, appeared in Club Gig as the strange and nameless alien that Runge bumped into while trying to hide in the shadow of a pillar in the restaurant. Vask is nineteen years old and frequents Night Life over Riesel.