Humans (or Mankind, Humanity) are a mammalian species from Earth. Though fairly average for a mainstream species, Humans stand out as being of above-average technological prowess and one of the most widespread species in the galaxy, owning many thousands of colony worlds and having at least some sort of presence on millions more.

As with most other widespread species, Humans are commonly misperceived as being comprised entirely of explorers.

Biology and appearance

These creatures are fascinating, that they can hear sound, perceive color, and make noises! I am intrigued!

–Unidentified Ret

Humans have a rather standard body plan, consisting of a torso, two legs, two arms, and one head. Their heads have two round eyes, one short nose for respiration and perception of smells, and a mouth for respiration, nutritional intake, and communication. They have a five-fingered hand at the end of each arm. They are plantigrade and possess a five-toed foot at the end of each leg. They come in two sexes, male and female.

In a break from common mammalian species in the galaxy, they have only a light covering of body hair, with males possessing more hair than females. Most of their body hair is concentrated on the head and (in the case of adult males) face. This hair is grown, cut, and styled for aesthetic or ritualistic reasons. The facial hair grown by adult males can be grown, styled, or shaven completely.

Even though they have an overall physiological uniformity, baseline Humans vary greatly in appearance. Their hair color ranges widely, usually from blond to dark and sometimes with hues of red or brown, changing to gray or white as they reach seniority. This hair can be straight, wavy, or curly. Their eyes typically come in shades of blue, green, gray, or brown.

Variety of skin tone is also seen among baseline Humans, usually limited to various shades of brown and ranging from pale yellowish brown to light brown and dark brown, although the exposure to environments and nutrition not native to Earth have led to other skin tones being seen, such as blue and green.

In terms of lifespan, the average varies between 150 to 250 years depending on environmental and biological factors. Home-grown Humans of Earth commonly live to 200 due to several millennia of genetic engineering. Racial offshoots and offworld colonists vary the most.