The Bright Ebony Organization, often shortened to BrEbOr or Brebor, is a massive organized crime outfit (mafia) based on planet Riesel. It is a world-spanning mafia dictatorship, though it is surprisingly absent from the daily lives of civilians—save for advertising and a few state-sponsored shopping centers.


During the reign of the Kisyost mafia in 8189, a Rhado'Kawaxan named Gibbwa Zetue prepared the young but well-armed Bright Ebony Organization for a coup against the faction. Kisyost was weak and crumbling under corruption—ripe for conquest. Zetue went on a major recruitment campaign on Moristoy, the homeworld of his species, targeting the planet's underworld and shadow societies. He managed to amass a rather small army of over 16,000 and subjected them to a rigorous training regimen, molding them into combatants with skills needed to compensate for their lack of numbers.

On September 10, 8189, he sent his best militants to infiltrate and sabotage various components of the Kisyost network, throwing it into an unrecoverable spiral. The mafia fell two days later.

Zetue ruled as Boss until August 22, 8197, when he was incapacitated by poison and succeeded by his top underboss, another Rhado'Kawaxan, named Dschudda Dinnine (SHOO-duh dih-NEEN). Zetue was taken to a medical ward and was never heard from again.


Dinnine rules with a facade of benevolence, but is indeed quite iron-fisted. Riesel has become more organized under his leadership but continues to suffer the curse of corruption and neglect.


Due to Brebor's extensive business diversity, they receive an impressive income and use such funds to maintain a powerful presence on Riesel and the space around it. Brebor does not tax the citizens of Riesel because it is effectively its own business. Its annual income is more than enough to fund its projects.


Brebor boasts a very large arsenal consisting of ground and space forces. Their largest starships, spanning up to two miles in length, possess enough firepower to reduce a planet's surface to molten slag in only 30 minutes. Most of their ground troops consist of A.I. robots and number in the tens of billions, led by organic commanders.