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Binnikods (bih-nih-kod; often shortened to Kods or Binnies) are a tall, heavily-built species from Brysance.

Appearance and biology

Binnikods in general have long, shaggy, colorful fur and narrow muzzles, although the canine nose on the end is very broad and makes up the upper lip. The ears sit atop the head and are rounded, but taper to a point, and naturally face backwards. Their powerful legs are digitigrade, and they have a long, muscular tail covered in longer fur that is typically one color. The heels on their feet (technically called hocks) feature a long, bony spur that can be used defensively; each foot possesses five dexterous toes in a splayed pattern that can be used for grasping. The species in general is thick-bodied, from both muscle and fat.

The average lifespan is 750 years. The average height is for males is 7'10", and 7'7" for females. The species can see in both ultraviolet and standard wavelengths.

Humans have said that Binnikods resemble a cross between a rough collie and a longhorn.


They are largely known for their durable household appliances and gadgets, especially cookware. This is a misleading stereotype due to a related megacorporation being based on Brysance, often exacerbated by galactic culinary competitions which commonly display Binnikod cookware. Brysance itself is not known as a major tradeworld otherwise. Another stereotype is that the average Binnikod is an excellent problem-solver.


Out of the thousands of languages that are spoken on Brysance, the most common one is Sesavem.

Notable members

Sookaiya Venatosh, a female mercenary.